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Vision / Mission

Joyce Kilmer Elementary will develop an educational program that supports all learners. It is the mission of Joyce Kilmer to produce confident, reflective and proactive students who are capable of being advanced critical thinkers, expressive writers, and avid readers who value their voice in a diverse community.


" I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree" -Joyce Kilmer (1886-1918)


On December 6, 1886, Alfred Joyce Kilmer was born in New Brunswick, New Jersey, to Annie Kilburn (a minor composer and writer) and Dr. Frederick Barnett Kilmer (a physician and analytical chemist employed by the Johnson and Johnson Company and inventor of the company's baby powder). Joyce Kilmer was the youngest of four, and named after two priests in his hometown, Alfred R. Taylor and Elisha Brooks Joyce.

In 1895, when he was 8, he went to Rutgers College Grammar School. He was also editor in chief of the schools newspaper. Later he was granted a scholarship to attend Rutgers College (currently Rutgers University), which he did from 1904 to 1906. Due to his inability to complete the mathematics requirement, he transferred to Columbia University on May 23, 1908. A short time later, he married Aline Murray a fellow poet. They had been engaged since his second year at Rutgers. Together they had 5 children Kenton Sinclair Kilmer, Rose Kilburn Kilmer, Deborah Clanton Kilmer, Micheal Barry Kilmer, and Christopher Kilmer.

During WWI (1917) Kilmer was deployed to Europe with the 69th infrantry regiment National Guards of NewYork. At 31 years old, he was shot and killed by a sniper's bullet. Though he is dead, he is still remembered for his simple, lovely, style of poetry that captures the beauty and essence of nature.

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